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Monday, June 11, 2018 - Movie Screening - ALBATROSS

EVENT TIME: 6:00pm to 9:00pm - Light Refreshments will be served. The film will be followed by a short discussion.

TICKETS: RSVP for your free ticket here.

The Story of ALBATROSS

The journey of ALBATROSS began in 2008, as a collaboration with activist/photographer Manuel Maqueda. Studying the newly-emerging issue of ocean plastic pollution, we learned of a stunning environmental tragedy taking place on a tiny atoll in the center of the vast North Pacific Ocean. We immediately began planning an expedition there, and on our first trip to Midway Island in September of 2009, we and our team photographed and filmed thousands of young albatrosses that lay dead on the ground, their stomachs filled with plastic. The experience was devastating, not only for what it meant for the suffering of the birds, but also for what it reflected back to us about the destructive power of our culture of mass consumption, and humanity's damaged relationship with the living world.

On our second trip to Midway, the project's focus began to evolve, as we met the live albatrosses singing and dancing by the hundreds of thousands all over the island. Returning to Midway a total of eight times over four years, we experienced the birds' beauty, grace, and sentience more and more vividly with each trip. We learned to attune ourselves to their body language, so that we could film them up close without causing them anxiety. They allowed us to witness their most tender moments at astonishingly close range, as the mated pairs snuggled and built their nests together, their babies hatched from their eggs, and the fluffy chicks waited alone for their parents to return from their foraging trips to sea. The poetry of the albatross revealed itself layer by layer, as my team and I were gifted with intimate footage of every stage of their cycles of life, death, and birth.

Through this journey, I held to a principle of emergence that served as the creative foundation for the project. I wanted to experience the birds on their terms, imposing as few human judgments or preconceptions on them as possible. With this intention, I avoided scripting any aspect of the film in advance. The trips were approached as open-ended creative explorations, with no story or agenda in mind. Each day on the island, my team and I filmed and photographed whatever felt most interesting and beautiful, without judging our subjects' relevance. Usually we focused on the albatrosses, and we also turned to different subjects: fairy terns, the sea, the forest, a passing storm, or the island's omnipresent crumbling military infrastructure, never knowing whether that day's work would be used in the final film. I saw my directorial role as being the steward of an empty vessel, into which a yet-unknown story would arise spontaneously. This approach was challenging for everyone, including the project's financial supporters, who maintained intrepid patience with my non-linear and unpredictable process. Ultimately this philosophy allowed something to birth itself that could not have happened any other way.

For more information on the film visit here.

Friday, May 11, 2018 - Nonprofit Event Planning 101 – Benefit Basics Workshop

EVENT TIME: 9:30am to 3:00pm

PURCHASE TICKETS: Tickets to the event are $20 and can be purchased here.

Who is this for: You’re a development or special events staffer at a not-for-profit organization or a volunteer serving as an event chair or benefit committee member.

Why do you need this: You’re responsible for planning and coordinating an event that will raise funds, attract new supporters, promote your organization’s mission and programs, stay within the budget… AND be a memorable and fun party.

What you will get out of this:

  • Hands on experience in vetting a real NYC venue as a location for your event
  • Practice in putting together an event timeline
  • Chance to hear from and ask questions of an event caterer and A/V vendor
  • Planning timeline, run-of-show, and event budget templates
  • Our customized event checklist

Our class will explore the cornerstones of a successful fundraising event:

As specialists in working with nonprofit groups of all sizes and capacities, we know that the path to a compelling, engaging, and profitable benefit requires a significant investment of time, money, and other organizational resources. Through discussions, presentations from experts, and hands-on exercises, we will explore the most efficient, effective, and creative methods of event planning and management we’ve developed during our 25 years of working in the field. 

  • Timeline and budget management
  • Venue search and selection
  • Caterers and food/beverage arrangements
  • Working with event vendors (A/V, rentals, decor)
  • Program and entertainment
  • Day-of management: guest list & seating, run-of-show and award presentations


Project Farmhouse will lead this workshop with Lynn McCary Events. Established in 1993, Lynn McCary Events (LME) specializes in working with not-for-profit organizations in New York City. From intimate donor cultivation parties to 1,000 + guest galas, we provide customized event strategy development, project management, and day-of event production services. LME has become the go-to consultant for organizations who are undertaking their first gala or considering updating their event strategy. We help our clients articulate, refine, and implement their special event goals, and produce events that celebrate accomplishments, attract new supporters, and raise their public profiles. In 2014, LME was selected by The Metropolitan Museum of Art to be one of two exclusive event planning vendors working with nonprofit organizations who hold their fundraising events at the Museum.

Monday, April 30, 2018 - Farmers For America Documentary Screening

EVENT TIME: 6pm to 9pm

  • 6pm - 7pm - Light Refreshments (Popcorn & products from Regional Farmers)
  • 7pm - 8:20pm- Film
  • 8:20pm - 9pm- Panel Discussion (with the film's director, Graham Meriwether, local farmers and experts in the field)

PURCHASE TICKETS: Tickets to the event are $10 and can be purchased here

FILM DESCRIPTION:  Farmers for America is a documentary that traces the extraordinary changes coming to America’s food system as more and more consumers flock to farmers’ markets, embrace farm-to-table lifestyles and insist on knowing where their food is coming from. At the center of the film are the farmers, young and old, who provide the spirit and energy to bring urban and rural America together over what both share in common: our food. These farmers reflect nothing less than the face of America.

With the average age of today’s farmer at 60, and rural America losing population as the cost of land and equipment soar, this film reveals the people waiting to take their place, the practices they’re championing and the obstacles they must overcome. 

We hope you will join us for an informative evening on the future of farming in America.

To learn more about the film and view the trailer, visit Farmers of America online.

Monday, February 26, 2018 - Greenmarket Home Bakers Meet-up

Event Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Description: Break bread with Greenmarket Regional Grains Project and your fellow home bakers! Bakers of all experience levels are welcome to swap samples with fellow grain geeks and share secrets on how to get a really crusty crust. Some of New York City's best professional bakers, including Austin Hall of She Wolf Bakery, Sharon Burns-Leader of Bread Alone Bakery, and Peter Endriss of Runner & Stone, will also be on hand to talk tips and techniques. Bring a loaf of your favorite home baked bread, made with locally-grown grains and flours, and copies of your recipe and/or starter to trade with others.

Tickets include event entry and one drink.

Purchase grains and flours from the Greenmarket Grainstand at the Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and other locations listed here.

THANK YOU to our sponsors, Meyers USA, Toast Ale, and Mockmill.

All proceeds benefit the Greenmarket Regional Grains Project. To purchase tickets visit here.